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I will be blogging again... [09 Dec 2010|02:07pm]
And that's for sure. 2011 is coming soon.

If anybody still cares. :)
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First entry for the year [27 Jan 2009|04:27pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I know it's not the most creative title but I'm doing it for easy recall of what I've been up to in case I want to keep this journal as my reference.

It's the Chinese New Year festivities here and we have the liberty of having 2 more days of vacation. So it gives me a relief that when I go to work tomorrow, I only have two more days before the weekend kicks in.

I also had enough time to take my afternoon naps, do the laundry including the bedsheets. As I type, I am watching Rihanna's concert in TV and will be ironing some office clothes. Exciting isn't it?

Not much change in my schedule except that I'm having formal inline skating classes. Like I'm dead serious about it.

Well, I know how to stride but don't know how to stop yet that previously I'm just on the lookout for posts and trees which I will ram into in case I have to avoid a toddler on wheels or other innocent passerbys who do not know yet what exciting event will unfold to them during the day. Of course I prefer crashing to non-living things as I don't want to incur the wrath of human beings who just want to have a fun day at the park.

My classmates are no more than 7 years old. That gives me less pressure to perfect my skills although it will make me an imbecile for not being able to follow instructions which they can do so just fine and effortlessly.

I will be joining the group's inline skating event again, just so you see.

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The latest SARS [03 Nov 2008|02:36pm]
Another wave of SARS has hit Singapore. But it is no longer the viral disease but the Sack And Retrench Syndrome that has been happening in waves across various industries.

While my job is relatively safe at the moment, current internal movements are now prompting me to look out for better opportunities in the horizon (oops, hope boss doesn't LJ). The idealistic in me still dreams of having that dream job with a rosy outlook but reality tells me otherwise.

Hope things will get better in the near future.
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Currently .... [13 Oct 2008|02:26pm]
-- plays cards (tong its, 41, pusoy dos) with housemates almost every night with bets of 20 cents per game. This easily took the timeslot of their workout routine. So far no one has protested about it.

-- plays Guitar Hero in A's Nintendo DS lite. Talk about making do playing the acoustic with such a small screen.
She's planning for me to get her entire Wii package left at her house with the accessories once I go home by Christmas. We will soon have a showdown.

-- plays Need for Speed in R's PSP.

-- plays HALO in R's laptop.

I think I may need to get my own gadgets soon.
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Having fun with Horfun [29 Sep 2008|12:29pm]
I'm currently addicted to Horfun, that Singaporean noodle dish. I specially like it when there are lots of leafy veggies in here as I am a veggie lover (even before my vegetarian-cafeteria Taiwan university escapades).

Actually it took me a while to know that it was the Horfun dish that I'd like to order. I was experimenting on this hawker stall in Market street, trying out the menu. Basically I just look at what the others are having and suddenly, that appetizing look of Horfun dish took my attention.

I didn't know it was Horfun then as it looked different from all the other Horfun dishes. I think it took me 10 times (ordering the dish that I wasn't sure the one that I'm expecting to get). But I like surprises, anyway as long as it is still edible and has lots of veggies and peppers in it.

Since I don't eat out everyday, (thanks to the chefs at home whipping out Pinoy dishes which are even better than the ones that I had in Makati) I always look forward to one hot meal of Horfun. At our friendly neighborhood flat, by the way, planning the menu for the week is like an event to look forward to.

You are in great danger if you step on the weighing scale on a regular basis and don't exercise.

Lunchbreak in a few minutes. I'll snap a photo of the Horfun dish and post it here next time.
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3503-A Mola St., Makati City [11 Sep 2008|12:00pm]
After months of discussing the pros and cons of staying and maintaining a flat, my sister and I decided that she'll just look for another flat to stay as she can't keep up with maintaining a 9K flat. It has always been stressful finding flatmates who'll just come and go.

It is where I first started to accumulate "investments" which include my own fridge, 21-inch TV, component system, DVD, ion fan, stand fan,stove, gasul plus my graphic novels and comic book collection (priceless!) that would make the flat look like a home.

When I first moved in there in 2003, there was not a single chair in sight so I have to really save up for furniture and whatever "donations" I can get to keep it up and running. I received a wall clock and "won" electric fan, ionizer and rice cooker from company parties. Blessings I get from working with PDI)

It is there where I experienced running out of potable water (I showered at the gym or office), having our water meter stolen twice and witnessing a thug tapping electrical wiring in broad daylight to install jumper, and of course ankle-deep flood (but there are trikes anyway). That's what you get in living in busy Makati, where neighborhood slums are like a block away and they multiply by dozens (triple during election period). SOme of them have airconditioning would you believe? But guess who pays for their electricity bills.

I remember the horrors of seeing mickey mouses playfully traipsing the rooms, wiring and saying hello to me once in a while when I wake up in the morning.

My sister moved in mid-2006, just in time for my departure overseas. I told her it will be better to stay there and keep the apartment for me, in case I come back. I did, but only for a short while.

So now, I have to make do with a cramped studio-unit which she shares with an ex-officemate once I visit. But, anyway I like sleeping over with other friends, I'll probably resume my sleepover ways.
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Di halatang excited [09 Jun 2008|11:59am]
[ mood | crappy ]

It's June. I'm blogging in the office. Lunes na lunes.

Of course, I'm busy but that can wait.

I'm looking for flights going home for December. Di masyado excited di ba.

SQ is SGD 818 (But I still have to figure out about the lift location if I go up to departure from arrival because normally on my 4 years of travelling overseas, no one picks me up or sends me to the airport). PAL is 795 SGD (my first choice) I would love to be on a non-budget airline this time around.

Will try to book by July if fares would indeed be on that level.

Nauuwi na ako sobra. Kakasawa din Singapore if not for the Great Singapore Sale.

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[27 Mar 2008|02:42pm]
I don't like it when project is over and there is not much left to do here in the office.

I'm used to daily or hourly deadlines back in my previous work in Makati that when things get idle like this, I feel that some parts of my brain is being wasted. Yeah I mean, I read everything on the net including my daily supply of Hollywood gossips but projects are the lifeblood in this office. No projects = danger.

* * *

On the other hand I'm trying to pick up new hobbies. Inline skating for example, cycling is another one but I've yet to meet other cycling enthusiasts. I'm still at this stage of growing another circle of friends and I hope for the next six months, I will be part of a group or something. Like something I did way back in 2002 when I joined pinoyexchange. I got instant friends with similar interests. The only way that I can do this is to join EBs again.

* * *

Anyway, I'm turning like 20-something again this Saturday. The reason why I bothered to blog. (Well, I only update like 3x a year now, probably it'll pick up again now that I'm getting bored more than ever). Can't believe I'm nearing 30 now. I still feel like 21 haha. I still dream of my college and highschool classmates.

* * *

And oh, Sweden was nice. The people are gorgeous and the weather is not that bad. I wish I should've visited the main IKEA there but Singapore's IKEA is also huge, like a mammoth warehouse I think I can hide there. Hopefully I can go out of the country again just for a weekend shebang.
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Let's Fika! [01 Feb 2008|12:28pm]
Thank god for facebook, I can still track my friends social activity!

My social life is still limited to the confines of the internet where I'm also busy playing online games like Build a Lot. And yeah, occasional dinners with friends of friends.

So what's new. I'll be travelling to Stockholm next week. Like, yey, this will be my first Europe trip ever. And it's on company expenses so yeah, hopefully I will enjoy it albeit it's just for a week. Company is Swedish-based and there's this 40th anniversary where all of the countries (mostly EU countries) will converge and party under one roof. There are 2 dinner and dance event and while I will wear a long gown (courtesy of ex-flatmate Mickee), I will try to avoid and peek outside or else I will catch the chills!

It's damp and cold in Stockholm I heard but hopefully, I can see traces of snow next week. Forgive me for being an all-Southeast Asian girl with mostly Asia travel experience.
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[08 Dec 2007|10:02am]
aiiiya, Singaporeans la why like this hahaha

You've got to get used to the singlish talk and tones but you have to not let it affect the way you speak as well. They are fun to listen to actually, entertaining to hear.

I take a bus everyday to go to work, it takes around 35 mins to get to CBD where my office is located. I just recently discovered the bus that will take me straight to the nearest bus stop going home because I would usually take the train and the bus.

Nightlife is nil as I have to watch my budget. No social activities now. Maybe once or twice a month that I get to see new people. But I don't scrimp on movies for sure as the ticket is almost the same with Greenbelt.

My target for next year:

1. New clothes
2. Shoes
3. More spending power!!!

I miss you Manila.
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The number you dial is now in Singapore [24 Nov 2007|07:26pm]
Yes. I left Taipei already. Like ages ago when things went awry and I just can't continue to be there.

Some of my friends are confused about my whereabouts so I decided to update my journal. In case one day, they remember my journal and clicked it. In case they remember me.

I had been out of the loop for long and I can only keep in touch through the usual chat. Thank god for YM's, MSN's and all that instant messaging!

To continue .... So I left Taipei after 3.5 months (which felt like 3.5 yrs). It was in a way, expected, or perhaps I didn't expect it to be too soon but things happen for a reason. And it's been a blessing in disguise that I'm in a better country now. And hopefully, it will work out this time around.

I found work already with a company that accepts me for who I am, and recognizes my strengths as well as my weaknesses.

I still miss Makati, even my neighborhood thugs. I miss N and M. I'm glad my ex-flatmate works in a building that's just down the block. My ex-officemates are also just a text msg away. At least I can still feel I'm home.
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On the eve of my birthday... [29 Mar 2007|12:01pm]
I realized that there is a dead cockroach on the Baileys that I was drinking while at a party in Makati.

I was slow to react because I had like 5 shots of Jagermeister before that plus two glasses of vodka.It's free anyway. But I didn't expect that my supposed to be last glass would come with a free, regular-sized healthy cockroach.

The manager was profuse in his apologies and offered to give me another drink to forget about the incident. I don't want to ruin my night so I agreed to have one of the expensive martinis. At least I was happy enough to have an early morning greetings by new acquaintances.

Anyway, I'll still party tonight. Same place. Here's to being 27. Next month, I might be outta here.
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Has it been 6 months? [12 Feb 2007|01:54pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Yeah, and I'll be back to Manila. It seems like yesterday when I first set foot here, and now, well guess what.. I'm still the same. hehe. It's funny whenever I encounter Taiwanese, they often tell me that:

1. I don't look like a Filipina. I think they really have a different image of Filipinas here and I cannot totally discredit their claim. In Hualien, Filipinas work as caregivers and yeah, I think I know what they mean.

2. They asked me if I came here for work or to marry. Geez, perhaps it's because of their perception. But you know, foreigner wives here are like 3rd class citizens. I'm not making this up. I get it from reading local English newspapers here, which basically churns one depressing news after another. So do this only if you are desperate.

Oh well, after half a year of lazying around I think my Chinese is not that bad anymore. I still can't talk about politics but at least I know now how to crack jokes.

But I'm really missing home recently and I think I'm just ready to go home. So my friends back in Manila asked me now, "are you going to be here for good?, or "are you going back?"

I say let's take my life, one chapter at a time. When I know what's going to be in the next chapter then I'll get back to you.

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New Year's pics [04 Jan 2007|05:28pm]
[ mood | havent done my homework mood ]


Taken while the sun is starting to rise. I find watching the first sunrise of 2007 with four other foreigners from four countries kind of unique. It is also my first time to watch the sunrise by the beach.

You can find the rest when you click thisCollapse )

That's all for now coz I'm lazy to upload everything and say something witty. I think I'm going to get sick. I think you can view it in my flickr anyway.

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Xin nian kuai le! [02 Jan 2007|06:03pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I have to write this entry before the euphoric feeling subsides.

I had a lovely Christmas but this year's New Year's party exceeded my expectations. It was an awesome experience. I get to see the sunrise, while sitting on the sand in the beach. And I get to celebrate it with people that matters. It also gave me a chance to talk to other students that I normally don't get to interact that much. For a related entry, you can read zatriax. She also wrote an entry on how the ulo ng lechong baboy disgusted her during the Filipino Christmas party. So much for the culture shock haha.

The French students hosted the party at their "headquarters" which has rooms, offices and a lounge/den that has vast DVD collection. I get to danced to the beat of Russian music although it is hard to keep up with my Slovakian partner as he has all the energy for it. I had a great time dancing and watching my other friends dance as well. There was plenty of food and booze for everyone and J was good at being a bartender that he knows very well how to mix drinks complete with blender and fresh fruit concoctions that I had margarita and pi¤acolada. But, miraculously, I didn't feel a bit tipsy. Perhaps, I just know myself better now when it comes to the volume of alcohol that I can take.

At quarter past 1, we decided to watch DVD (I chose 4 weddings and a funeral) and I was getting sleepy during the last 5 mins that I decided to get a coffee in can. We then proceeded to watch one of Charlie Chaplin's movie and by 5-something, while the rest decided to sleep upstairs, the five of us from my mini-intl family (Honduran, Australian,Japanese,France and me) decided to go walk in the nearby beach to wait for the sunrise of the new year. I was dead tired when I got back to the dorms by 8:30 but I was happy. It is quite unique. I made my wish for this coming year and I hope for the best, for me, my family, my love one and the friends that I keep. I hope yours will be better too. :)

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Music to my ears [19 Nov 2006|03:49pm]
[ mood | high ]

The interesting part of having classmates on which no one is a native English speaker, is the different languages being spoken at times in the class for semi-debate on the Chinese grammar and stuff like that. Whether the outspoken Europeans are speaking French, Russian, the painfully shy Japanese try to answer in Nihonggo and I would throw side comments to C in Tagalog who sits across the table in our own private joke time. In due time I can speak I love you in 5 or more languages. The guys are hilarious, it make my studying Chinese fun because we tend to laugh at our own mistakes (and at other mistakes as well, but in a good natured way of course).

The semester is about to end and I am going to miss some of them who are either moving to the earlier schedule due to their hectic lifestyle.

* * *

I am currently in love with Regina Spektor's music. We're of the same age and she's like Alanis less the angst and with a quirkier sense of humor. Her unique voice is so enchanting and her lyrics..wow, poetry and she plays the piano, too so plus plus points for being a true artist. I'm captivated. I wish she can visit Taiwan, too although I think there's just a 0.0001 percent probability that she will perform here. Please visit http://www.myspace.com/reginaspektor and tell me what you think. I personally like "Us." http://www.ifilm.com/video/2663660. She's going to perform tomorrow at Bronx, New York and how I just wish I can teleport myself to NYC!

* * *

I'm going to Taipei next week for four days of urban experience before the new semester starts and will stay at the other Filipina student's flat. Time flies too fast and I am now on my third month of constant tongue-twisting oral exercise (you know.. speaking Chinese.) I'm still trying to get used to the new lifestyle. But maybe, as long as I have a *Regina handy in my soon-to-come Ipod things will get better. ;)

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Taga USTe ka ba? [09 Nov 2006|05:37pm]
[ mood | happy ]

If you are currently a student of UST, an alumnus or you just happen to know a lot about UST then maybe you can help me.

I have a university friend here who needs help in making a presentation about Tzu Chi's sister schools around the world. In the Philippines, Tzu Chi's sister school is UST. They need to gather information about UST, its specialty courses, facilities, and other facts that are not found on the website. In other words, what makes UST special?

I am tasked to make a small talk to students here in the near future about UST because I come from the Philippines and I happen to know about this university of course. My roommate will talk about University of Indonesia. Well as you know, I'm not from UST :teehee: but I want to try my very best to raise UST's flag so the university will be appealing enough for students here to go on a student exchange.

So aside from the fact that UST is the oldest Catholic university in Asia, the current UAAP champion and cheerleading champion 4 (or 5?) times in a row, what else are interesting facts about UST? Famous people perhaps?(Pwera artista ha). Tsaka dapat positive ha. Sympre di ko sasabihin na bahain ang area ng UST.

Yun lang po. I know I have a lot of LJ friends from UST tulungan nyo ko please!

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Food! Glorious food! [25 Sep 2006|07:08pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Today marks my first month here in Hualien.

And everyday, I dream of food. Glorious Filipino food. I haven't been to Mcdonalds or any fastfood joint in a month, I've only been to a cinema once, and I've started eating my meals at the vegetarian canteen where tofu is served every effin day.

The newness of everything is starting to wear off and sometimes, I feel an overwhelming feeling of loneliness. Hualien is a very nice place for you to be alone with your thoughts. You can either have the beach or the majestic mountains as a perfect background for you to plot world domination. I'm so used to the noise of the city where I came from that the serenity of this place drives me insane. "Take me back to the city, it's too quiet here."

I am still trying to fit myself with the people here. I just miss some of the good stuff back in Makati and the conveniences of everything. Being on a student budget holds me back from one of my favorite therapy--shopping.

"Your Chinese will come gradually," M told me. And I have to be patient and listen to what others are speaking. I hope, maybe soon I can go on a lengthier small talk with the ayis. But other than that, I'm okay. I'm still assimilating the culture and I know this will take time.

But I still miss pizza, sushi, sisig, adobo, rellenong bangus etc.

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[18 Sep 2006|11:10am]
[ mood | blah ]

Weeks in Hualien, Taiwan: 3 weeks, 1 day
Total Class hours: 20
Appetite level: 60 % (I'm still adjusting to bland food. I grew up with MSG-loaded dishes)
Homesickness level: 20% (I won't ever miss traffic and pollution. My nails are cleaner here).
News and current affairs level: 10 percent. I'm missing out on international news because here, it's all about depose Chen rallies. I don't know what's happening around the Globe. I just know that Suri's pics are out now.

I was raring to start my Monday today because I racked my brains memorizing Chinese terms last weekend to prepare for a long quiz (oral, listening, written) only to find out that our teacher is sick. So no classes. Much to my dismay. I'm starting to be such a geek.

Last week, I attended three culture classes. Calligraphy, tea ceremony and leather sculpture. I haven't uploaded it yet but I'll show you guys my first calligraphy. It's not too bad I think. I'm kind of turned off by the Calligraphy instructor though, always emphasizing about money being the most important thing in Chinese culture (family ranks 4th) while we brushed the characters. I don't know if he didn't mean it that way because his English is funny (wood = uuud). Leather sculpture is fun by the way. We made bracelets. I'm giving my own creation to someone special.

With tea ceremony..hmm wow. Our teachers really lived up to the reputation. The two middle aged women moved with such poise and finesse. Tea ceremony is like tea playtime for adults. I had fun doing the ritual and serving drinks to my seatmates. Just like in the movies. It's not like you just pour the tea and drink it. There are some procedures to follow too, like you should be on the right side if the one you are serving tea is in the left side etc.

The university classes officially started today and the dorm is now full of squeaking Chinese voices. Since I live in the university dorm too, most of my new friends are freshmen. Damn, I feel so old whenever they ask me if I'm a freshman too. But the college kids are really friendly and they want to teach me Chinese too. I also met the one and only Chinese-Filipina freshman here and in summary I can just say students of Tzu Chi University are a bunch of goody-two shoes. Their biggest worries in life are not being able to manage/function well in their school orgs and missing their classes. Some of them don't even pluck their eyebrows yet. But I'm not complaining. I want to live in a wholesome college environment for a while and stay here until it's time for me to face my own reality soon.

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Culture shock [08 Sep 2006|03:32pm]
[ mood | calm ]

It's been two weeks and a week of language class. I've somehow made some observations about the locals here. I may not be 100% accurate but I'm just a foreigner here and this is based on my first-hand observation.

1. Women can drive scooters in heels and dress (flowing skirts and all). So you'll know which one is going to a party or something.

2. Shaving the armpits isn't a strict part of their hygiene. I've seen one and thought she just forgot to do it even if she was wearing a sleeveless shirt. But then I met another one, while I was about to go swimming at the university's indoor pool (biggest pool I've ever seen) and I saw a mini-forest there. I swear her pits have not seen a razor for quite some time. (And oh, when I got to the locker room I saw a butt naked caucasian girl. Her stuff are beside my stuff so I have to stand beside her.)

3. They have a lot of varieties of green teas. And I mean A LOT. Instead of water, they also serve cold green teas in the fastfoods. Something I don't normally get in Manila unless I go to Starbucks. Now I'm saying goodbye to the saccharinely sweet iced teas of the Lipton and Nestea variety.

4. They smile a lot and care for my satisfaction if I like their food/service or not. Hmm, probably because they know that I'm a foreigner. Provincial folks are friendlier than those in Taipei I heard. But

On my personal reflections ...

1. The homesickness feeling started to sink in 12 days after I got here. I actually miss my own cooking and Glorietta 4. I also miss someone calling me up on the phone so I'm getting my own Taiwan sim today. I'll still use my Globe number for incoming SMS but I have to find a second hand cellphone for that.

But me and my classmates will be going on a canyoning trip this weekend, and it's for free because Cecille (the other Pinay's) husband runs an outdoor trip kind of business.

I've also signed up for the tea ceremony and calligraphy class that will start next week. I'm kind of imagining myself doing calligraphy the "Hero" kind of way..robes and all. I don't know what exactly it's all about but what the heck, it's free and I have a lot of time in my hands so I'm joining.

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